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Malware removed NO_CARRIER
February 29, 2012, 11:28:58 pm

The malware that once infected the pages of this site have been removed. Ya!

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Stand by... by NO_CARRIER
April 13, 2009, 10:13:58 pm

Having technical issues... stand by.

Working on mic now....

send requests via email:  wacko413 At.t hotmail d0tt c0m

Show's over. Thanks to all that tuned in!
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NO CARRIER's Grand Finale Bash Postponed Until Tomorrow by NO_CARRIER
April 12, 2009, 11:54:59 pm

I had planned to hold my "Grand Finale Bash" this evening. However, I got stuck in bad traffic on my way home from Easter with the family. Since it's 11:51PM EST, it's too late to start the show now. Therefore, I will be postponing the show until tomorrow night. The new time will be April 13 from 10pm-12am EST.

Sometime tomorrow, I will be condensing 'ZRN to one station in preparation for the shutdown. I was going to do it tonight, but I'm beat from the driving.

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New Host Solicitations by NO_CARRIER
April 04, 2009, 09:58:39 pm

I have received a few responces from people asking to save 'ZRN. If someone is willing to host us, that would be great. The host would have to be able to provide the following:

Host Requirements
1) A Linux server. A shared server is fine.
     - A shared server is fine as our CPU load load is low
     - (All of our music is pre-encoded.)
2) 10 GB of server diskspace
3) At least 320kbps constant bandwidth. (That's 100GBytes of traffic a month.)

Other Options
Some people have asked if we could negotiate a deal with out current host ZTNET. As Green Yoshi said in his post, ZTNET has hosted us for nearly 9 years for free. They did so because they could afford to do so. Well, they no longer can. The story is this: the ZTNET network is no longer drawing anything financially. (The dot com days are long over, and their other ventures have lives their life cycles.) ZTNET will still be around, but will only exist as a hobby server. In other words, everything that they host is now coming out of pocket.

While ZTNET has agreed to continue to host Emulationzone.org and all it's classic sites, they need to keep costs down. In short, they want to cut total monthly bandwidth down to 1Mbps average. 'ZRN's traffic consumption is not helping matters and is thus a prime target for elimination.

Ya, we could perhaps work out a deal, but let's be honest: it would be messy, difficult to enforce, and is just something we really don't want to deal with. So with that, as far as fund raisers are concerned, I suppose we could do that, but the money rasied would have to be applied towards a new host. And I would have to ask that someone else be in charge of the fundraising.

If you are interested in hosting us, or know someone that could, please get in touch with me at wacko413 att hotmail d0t com
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The `Zone Radio Network. CLOSING DOWN. by GreenYoshi
March 22, 2009, 02:40:22 pm

That's right. After months of struggles and being offline, the `Zone Radio Network has now been forced to make its exit on the internet. We are having to stop all streams because of decisions taken by the ZTNET Adminstrators (the people that host this site).

In short, the network doesn't get funding, and the hosts don't require us to pay for the place either. They have been kind enough to host the `ZRN streamers for YEARS for FREE now, but the bandwidth load and disk space required to keep this place up is proving to be too much for them, so they made decisions to down-size. In this plan, they're having to cut off the larger resource-eating parts of their servers, and this site was an easy target since it consumes both space and bandwidth.

I can't blame them if they can't afford keeping the place intact anymore, but at least they made this decision before we've already started major renovations on the network just to find out later that we cannot exist anymore.
So anyway, with the story over, make a record in your diaries. Since we've been around for a long time, we want to make a last stand before we officially have to be off air. There will be a live broadcast taking place for the majority of:


Please note, that this is also the last day of streaming, so after the show, don't expect the streamers to work anymore. I haven't set a starting or ending time yet, so keep an eye out on this page for further information.
This broadcast will be taken throughout all remaining stations that are still running by that day, which means no matter what channel you're listening to, it will be the live show.

On that note, the following stations will face immediate termination as a signal that our network is packing up:

Channel 1 - Sega Games Radio (SGR)
Channel 2 - Shy Guy's Music Box
Channel 4 - Neo Anime Music Radio (NAMR)
Channel 8 - Flywheel Radio
Channel 9 - VGMusic Radio
Channel 10 - PC Games

Again, keep and eye out on this page for live show times. Other than that, this is all we have to say for now.

`ZRN Administrator
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ALL ON HOLD by GreenYoshi
March 20, 2009, 09:31:51 am

ALL updates have been put to a halt. DO NOT APPLY for positions or interest as stated in the previous post.
A formal announcement will be made shortly explaining.

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Click here to view Old News Postings

Legal Disclaimer

ZRN is a non-commercial, non-profit radio station run strictly for fun. The staff at ZRN has created a network, which we believe, to the best of our knowledge, is free of any licensing and royalty fees. We have taken great strides to ensure that we do not play music that would be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If someone spots such a violation on any ZRN station, we ask to be contacted immediately so it may be rectified.

If anyone would like to give us free legal advice regarding webcasting and our network configuration, please contact NO CARRIER, the network administrator via email: wacko at emulationzone dott org.