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Anarchy Online Contest

Contest Information:

To enter the drawing for an Anarchy Online code, all you have to do is answer the survey below. All filled out surveys will be entered, and then 2 winners will be randomly chosen.

There is a little confusion on what exactly is free. Anarchy Online does offer their basic client for free. What I will be giving away are codes for 30 days of access to the expansion packs that you'd normally have to pay for. For more information, here's some more information provided by Andy that may clarify: 'ZRN AO Giveaway!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me. I will, of course, answer you as quickly as I can!


Make sure you specify this is the RPG Radio contest in the subject line. Then answer all the questions below!


Favorite RPG:

Any ideas for the station:

Just for Fun (you don't have to get this right to be entered)

You're in a big battle, and you defeat all but 4 of your foes. How many are left for you to fight?

Email me all your entries by March 31st!

NOTE: THe Wowtribes virus that infested this page was removed March 31, 2015