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Big update, guys. Well, big to me, and hopefully helpful for you. I have spent the last several hours retagging all the mp3s on the AM station as well as a few on the FM station. What does this mean and why is it important? In case you haven't noticed, most times you know what song is playing but not what game it's from. It was all a big blunder in the tag information, and now all the songs should display that relevant information. I've spent about 5 hours doing it, so I hope you find it useful! I know I personally would prefer knowing what game a song is from...especially when there are so many with generic names like "Fight 1" and "World Map."



I apologize for all the downtime of the FM station. If you ever can't connect and think you should, please email me. I have no idea the station is down unless I happen to be checking the stream, and I check my email much more often than I check the stream. The FM station keeps crashing and I'm working to figure out why and try to fix it.



More polls are up! Check those out to give me some feedback. Also, tons of new music was added to the FM station. The final two CDs for FF7 and FF8, as well as complete soundtracks for FF9, FF10, Final Fantasy Black Mages, and Legend of Zelda 9: Wind Waker. Thanks to Jarel from VGMusic for helping me with that. Also, the entire Earthbound soundtrack has been added to the AM and FM station. That's 109 songs right there on either one for your listening pleasure. If you have any requests for the FM station, don't hesitate to let me know! As long as I can find it, I'm more than happy to encode what you guys want first.

Also, there are some more problems with the MP3Pro plugin. If you're having any troubles with it, try using the ftp address. Or email me. Even if you don't have the plugin, there is still some improvement if you want to give it a listen. It sounds great!



The new FM station is up and running! You will need to be able to listen to Mp3Pro files to hear it. You can get a Winamp plugin here, or you can get a special player. Most cost money though, so getting the plugin is recommended. I will be putting this information and more on the FM Station page. You won't hear a noticable difference on the FM station if you don't have the plugin!

Give it a listen, and send me some emails of what music you'd like transferred to that station first. It's going to take a lot of time considering the huge playlist this station has, so having some ideas of what you all really want first would be great. Right now on the playlist are 2 cds worth of Final Fantasy 7 music, 2 cds worth of Final Fantasy 8, and episodes 1, 2, and 3 of Phantasy Star Online music. Send those emails to me. Let me know what you want to hear and what you think about the new quality!



As many of you may have noticed, there haven't been updates to the station in a while. A lot of this was due to an unexpected summer vacation, and classes this semester are taking up a lot of my time. However, there are changes in the works! I have realized that this station is starting to get a decent following, and I want to thank all of you. As I said, my classes are a bit demanding, but here are some of the changes on their way:

A new hi-fi version of RPG Radio, as well as all the stations on ZRN. CD-quality sound encoded in Mp3Pro format.
Some new polls to test out interests in live broadcasts, among other things.
Most imporantly: More songs!

The low-fi version of the station for dial-up users, the one that has always been around, will still remain up and updated. In fact, the hi-fi station will hopefully be ready soon, but all that will be playing are a few CDs worth of FF7 and FF8 music. It's all I can manage for the time being. Ripping CDs is easy...if that's all I had to do, adding more songs would be simple. I have to convert from many different formats though, so that's why it takes a long time. I will still recommend at least checking ou the hi-fi station just to see what kind of sound quality you'll be getting!

It's all very exciting to me, so keep an eye out here for some changes within the next couple of weeks.



Lots of new music has been added to the playlist! 21 songs from a great SNES rpg called Terranigma has been added. I also added about 15 songs from Mario RPG to the rotation as this station only had about 3 playing. I may add more in the future. These were added by request. It was also requested to put the Overworld theme from The Legend of Zelda into the rotation, but I'm pretty sure that's already playing. I can't say for sure because I've never played Zelda (was too young at the time that came out) and the songs were there when I got here. There's one called Main Map Music and I'm assuming that's the Overworld theme. If anyone can tell me otherwise, I will go on the hunt. So 46 songs have been added to the playlist rotation.

Also, if you have a spare moment, check out the polls page. I'm interested in opinions on theme days and the like. My summer has now started so I'll have more time to manage such a thing, at least until classes start up again.



New music has been uploaded and put into the playlist. 16 Chrono Trigger songs were added as the collection of those was, and still is, quite incomplete. I also added 5 Final Fantasy I songs, completing that set of songs for the most part, if you exclude any songs less than 1 minute long. Music from a new game was added, Startropics. I used to have it on NES, and I played it lot. I never actually won, but I guess the music reminds me of my childhood or something like that. It's pretty good, so I hope you all enjoy it too. I added 6 songs for that. There will possibly be more to come from that game. Unfortunately none of the songs have titles so I'm coming up with them myself. Finally, one remix has been added to the playlist. It's an OCRemix for an old GameBoy game called Great Greed. It's a little known RPG, but a very good game. The original music is nowhere to be found, so this remix will have to suffice.

Enjoy the new music!



Hello everyone! Welcome to Roleplay Redux, where RPG music is streamed 24/7. I'm the new station operator, Jennifer, and I hope to really enjoy putting more music up on this station..

Right now my main concern is making sure the site is good and ready. Then I'll begin encoding some mp3s to add to the collection. I have LOTS to encode, so I'm not going to add it all at once. I have some Commodore 64 RPG music, some Amiga, lots of Nintendo, a few Sega, and a whole lot of SNES music. On top of that I've got music from a few PS1 games, as well as the entire OSTs for Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Each of those is 4 cds a piece, so I may not put up everything. If you ever feel like spending a lot of money on an import, they are very awesome.

Once I've added some more mp3s, I may look into having theme days or something like that. Like, maybe a Square day, or a Chrono Trigger day, Nintendo RPG only day, that sort of thing. That will be some time ahead though.