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    VGMR: VGmusic Radio
    Welcome to VGmusic Radio!

    This station features remakes, arrangements, and remixes of video game tunes, as well as originals (for fangames, original games, or otherwise), all from many of the sequencers you recognize at

    Are you a sequencer from that would like to submit tunes for this station? We accept good quality MP3's you've sequenced from any video game, or even your original works. More information can be found in the FAQ.

    Listen in!

    The following links allow you to tune into the station. Clicking the M3U or PLS file link should open the station in your personal MP3 player. If it doesn't, then copy/paste the direct link into your player's Open URL box.

    AM (16kbps 11khz mono MP3) - M3U File/PLS File/Direct Link
    FM (32kbps 44khz mono MP3Pro) - M3U File/PLS File/Direct Link

    To listen to the FM station properly, you will need the MP3Pro plugin for Winamp. Alternately, there are MP3Pro players you can find by Googling, but they generally cost money, so the plugin is recommended. Without the plugin, you will only hear it at 22khz. If you are using a Mac, Audion is a good choice for listening to MP3Pro files.

    Update: 6-08-06 3:00pm

    You remember that update I promised back in January? Finally got around to it. 39 new FM songs (and one replacement), which adds 1:32:15 to the playlist. We now have over 15 hours of playtime.