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    General Questions

    Q. I heard this cool song called “insert title here” on station X. Can you email it to me?

    Sorry, we don’t entertain such requests because we have enough to do as it is. You’ll have to look for it online. If the song was from SSR, WTMK, WRMX or VGMusic Radio, you might be able to locate the song off of their website. Otherwise, we suggest that you go to Google and hunt for it on the Internet.

    Q. Does ‘ZRN plan to start an actual “brick and morter” FM radio station?

    Because of licensing, restrictions and ultimately costs, we don’t plan on starting an FM radio station. However, this has not stopped various station operators from playing their music on local FM stations!

    Tristan of the late TSSZ used to have two late night radio programs out in Boston back in 2003. One was held on a college station, and the other on a local public radio station. He was even interviewed by the Boston Herald for his work! He no longer runs those shows.

    RustyLikeAFox used to run a show at this college’s radio station as well back in 2004. Not sure if he still does that.

    Finally, Viking Woman of “Channel 8” is actively involved with a new radio station in Amherst, MA called “Valley Free Radio”. In addition, she runs a public access show entitled “Viking Women Presents”. This show can be seen in the Springfield and Amherst regions. Some of the music she plays on Flywheel Radio can be found both in either program. You might even be able to see live performances of said programming over at the “Flywheel” in Amherst. Refer to the “Flywheel Radio” website for more information.

    Q. I have some music I would like to submit. Who should I contact?

    I would first determine which of our “themes” the music pertains to and then email the station operator of that “theme”. Do NOT email songs to a station operator without asking for their permission. If they like it, it will be added to their playlist.

    NOTE: songs protected by the RIAA, BMG, etc, will NOT be played for legal reasons, so don’t ask.

    Q. Can I tune in to ‘ZRN in my car?

    Unless you have an Internet connection, no.

    Q. I would like to join or help out. Where do I sign-up?

    From the menu up top, go to “Site Info / Join ‘ZRN” for more information.

    Q. I’d like to start my own station or talk show. Any recommendations?

    I’m assuming that you don’t want to start this station on ‘ZRN. (*sob*)

    It all depends on your level of sophistication. If you are a GNU-Linux guru with your own server, (local or remote), then I strongly recommend using Icecast and Ices. Together, they will do the job without taxing your server! (Has for us!) If you just want to play around with something quickly, I’d got with Shoutcast. Shoutcast is simple to setup and to get going while Icecast can be a little tricky. However, Shoutcast has been documented to do funny things, such as getting multiple connections from someone at shoutcast.com, so you have been warned!

    If you have a PC and want to run something off of it, then I would go with JetAudio’s JetCast. The package has everything you need in one application: streamer, server (relay), mic support, etc. You could do the same with Shoutcast &Winamp or with Icecast & Winamp, but JetAudio integrates everything nicely into one package.

    If all of this sounds too confusing and you are willing to shell out $10/month, then I seriously recommend going to Live365. They will not only host your station, but you will have access to a huge library of commercial music. Their tools and user interfaces are also quite user friendly.

    Q. Can you increase the bitrate of the audio?

    Such requests have become rare ever since we adapted the “FM” standard. (Refer to the “AM and FM Defined” section for additional information.) If you are still unhappy with the audio quality, make sure your client supports mp3Pro. If it doesn’t, then you are missing out on the enhancements mp3Pro has to offer. Refer to the “Player Problems” section for known mp3Pro (FM) issues.

    Q. How do I get a ban against me lifted?

    Depending on what you did and the mood of the network admin, you might be banned for an hour, a day, a week, or longer. If you want a ban against you lifted, contact the network admin directly: wacko atT emulationzone d0tt org. Subject your message “ZRN: Ban removal”.