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    Proper Usage

    ‘ZRN is a commercial free service brought to you by the staff of ‘ZRN and our host, ZTNET. We have every intention of keeping it that way. However, if people begin to abuse the service, we will be force to make changes, some of which will byte. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when tuning in:

    1. Do not listen in for an excessive amount of time.

      By excessive, I mean connecting to the station for days at a time. If you have finished listening, please disconnect so we are not wasting bandwidth. If you worried about not being able to connect because the listen cap many get reached, contact NO CARRIER.

    2. Do not make multiple connections to the same station.

      On poorly configured machines, multiple audio clients may be launched, spawning multiple audio streams. Make sure that only one audio application is active when connected.

    3. Do not connect to multiple stations at once.

      Why on Earth would someone do this, I don’t know. But it has happened and doing this is a good way of getting banned.

    4. Do not use any forbidden MP3 players

      Refer to section entitled “MP3 Player Recommendation” for the list of forbidden players.
    Breaking these rules can get you kicked off the network. Repeat offender may be get banned from the network altogether! The duration of the ban depends on the network admin’s mood. It could last an hour or for a few weeks. You will need to email NO CARRIER if you wish have the ban lifted.