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    Player Recommendations

    Q. Can you recommend an audio client/player?

  • jetAudio
  • Realplayer2
  • Winamp1
  • Windows Media Player2

  • MAC
  • Audion

  • iTunes

  • 1 = To listen to the FM station properly using Winamp, you will need the THOMPSON MP3Pro plug in for Winamp. Alternately, there are MP3Pro players you can find by Googling, We recommend JetAudio as an alternative.

    2 = Lacks mp3Pro support.

    Q. Which Media Player Clients are not allowed?

    The following players are forbidden:

    1. Xaudio

      Has been known to make multiple connections to the server while refusing to release its slots when finished. It drains ours resources and prevents others from tuning in, so it’s not welcomed.

    2. Any application that “pings” our servers excessively to see if stations are up are not welcomed. If you want to tune it, just tune in dam it!