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    Networks Problems

    Q. Why is station X down? It was up yesterday!

    Odds are we are doing some routines maintenance and had to shut things down temporarily. If the station is down for more than 10 minutes, check the main page. If there is no scheduled outage, contact NO CARRIER immediately. Odds are, the station went down for an unexpected reason.

    Q. Why can't I connect? The website says that the station is up!

    If you receive a message stating that the server is “Full”, it means that the maximum number of simultaneous listeners for the station has been exceeded. Either try again later on or connect to the station’s AM/FM counterpart. If this message is encountered often, email NO CARRIER, the network admin, so that an increase in the listen cap can be considered.

    If you receive a “Banned” message, it means you were banned from the station. Odds are, you did something stupid to piss-off the network admin. For more information, refer to the “Fair Usage” section.